VW Southtowne Rising To The Top

VW Southtowne has been in business at it’s current South Jordan location since 2003. However, the last three years have shown a steady rise not only in New Volkswagen Sales, but also Customer Satisfaction scores in both Sales and VW Service . From being a store that sold between 30-40 New VW’s a month to a store that sells over a 100 new VW’s each and every month, the rise has been due to many things. A Change in Management, Employees, Policies, Procedures, and over-all motto of the Store are a major attribute to the success.

This last year we were named the 17th largest volume VW Dealer in the nation, which is no small feat, and are aiming at breaking into the top 10 Volkswagen Dealer groups, followed by becoming #1 in the long-term. It is a goal that every one of our Employees from the top on down, believe is achievable. The changes in how we handle day-to-day operations, how they take care of each and every customer is evident in the new motto.

Mission Possible is simply our guide to accomplish these new goals. The reason that this is important to you as a consumer is simple. Do you want to buy from an average, run of the mill Dealer or do you want to purchase your new or used VW from a store that knows that CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is what will lead us to our goal? A Store that is constantly trying to build and improve each and every Month? With Mission Possible we are adding to our already outstanding processes. We know our customers are the key to pushing us to the top. Taking care of them before, during, and after the sale has been our Mission Statement for several years now. It is why we have been the #1 VW Dealer in Utah for quite some time now. The whole idea behind continuing our rise is giving our customers an experience like no other car Dealer. To put our name at the top of their list when ever their Family Members, Friends, or they themselves find the need to purchase another vehicle.

We want to ensure that we stock the most New VW models for our customers to choose from, and we want to have the most popular Used Vehicles at great prices as well. When you visit our showroom, we WILL have what you are looking for or the leverage to get it for you! Our Used Car Manager works diligently to purchase clean, quality vehicles from all over the USA to keep our Used Car inventory stocked full of choices for you our clients and friends.

This,combined with the fact that we get more of the new VW Models than any store in Utah BECAUSE of our high-volume status helps ensure that VW Southtowne is definitely where you need to be to get the exact vehicle that you want at the best possible price.
We don’t just want to be known for the store that sells the most new VW’s in Utah or the nation. We want to be known for the store that takes care of their customer better than anyone out there.

Selection coupled with great pricing and our outstanding Sales Team is what we believe separates us from all the other Dealerships. Our Sales Staff are all Certified VW Specialists, so you will not find more informed and helpful individuals to help you throughout your buying experience. They all have been trained on our store policies that dictate how we treat each and every individual that walks through our doors. Our store Credo is: ” Where Good Things Happen “. When you visit VW Southtowne you will see why. .
We have fantastic programs that we pass on to our clients that actually benefit them. We don’t need gimmicks like FREE IPAD’S to ensure that you walk through our doors. We put out programs like our WE WILL PAY YOUR MORTGAGE or DOUBLE YOUR DOWN PAYMENT… and actually stand behind them. Double your down enabled people who didn’t have a ton of money to put down on a vehicle to DOUBLE it and give them a payment that fit within their monthly budget. Great programs that actually benefit our clients is the route we’d prefer to take. Besides, we believe that being transparent in these times just makes more sense and saves you AND us time, after all buying a New or Used car, Truck, Van or SUV should be FUN and hassle-free.
If you visit us online at www.volkswagensouthtowne.com you will see that our new vehicles not only have the MSRP listed, but our fantastic INTERNET PRICING and all the available REBATES and FINANCING OPTIONS posted clearly. Our Used Vehicles have the retail price ( KBB, Blackbook, NADA, etc ) listed followed by our Internet Discount and low no-haggle price thus enabling you to see what the vehicle should be going for at many other Dealers and showing you the awesome savings when you purchase from us. We think that consumers would rather buy their own electronics, movie passes, or game tickets and save the money on their vehicle purchase instead.

Not only is our Sales Staff the best in the business, but our Parts and Service Teams are a cut above the rest as well. We have one of the top Service Advisers in the world and with him guiding the rest of the Service Team we simply cannot be touched when it comes to taking care of your VW.
VW Southtowne has a goal in mind, they know where they want to be, and know that the key to this is you… the consumer.  Here are what just a few of our clients have said about their experience at our Dealership.

” Wesley and Bryan were amazing at working out a deal that we could afford. I would buy a car here again next time FOR SURE!!! Levi & Maegen “
December 29, 2011

” We had a great experience at Southtowne. Your staff was friendly, knowledgable & were a pleasure to do business with. Courtney “
January 23, 2012

” It was absolutely wonderful! James was great to work with, everyone was just amazing! Mellisa “
January 29, 2012

” Staff was very friendly and really worked with me on something I could afford. It was definitely a great experience. Anine “
January 30, 2012

Below are a few links to some of the more useful pages on our Website.
Click the link for our current New VW Inventory
Click the link for our current Used VW Inventory
Click the link for VW Southtowne’s Pre-approval Application
For any questions simply click the link to Contact Us
Click the link to Order Parts
Click the link to schedule a Service Appointment
Click the link for our Current Ad
If you are looking for a Dealership that cares about you, your budgetary needs, how your vehicle is doing after the sale, and is consistently doing what ever it takes to improve for your benefit… VW Southtowne is your Dealer. We don’t just want to be #1 in the rankings, we want to be number one in your mind. By helping us achieve our goal you will receive the benefits of allowing VW Southtowne to put you behind the wheel of the vehicle of your dreams!

VW Southtowne
11000 S. Frontage Rd
South Jordan, UT 84095
(801) 285-0334

To contact us quicker with any inquires, questions, or comments… simply fill in the form below!

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