Visions of Vdubs

Google, Yahoo, Bing: Type in the search term VW and you’ll come up with all kinds of images.  We are going to share some of our most favorite! Perhaps they will spark a memory of Volkswagen past or inspire you for something in the future.
 All types of modifications have been done on Volkswagen’s. Generally it is on the Beetle or the bus. I tend to wonder what makes people do their modifications? What is important to them: to show off when they are driving around town, parked at a local car show, or maybe just a show piece in their garage, driveway, or on their front lawn?
Ones made for utility, ones for show, ones that are holiday inspired, animal inspired, inspired by a favorite band or song, full of art, full of peace and love, definitely ones that will always leave an impression.

Click on the Daily Visions tab under “Visions of Vdubs” for your Daily Inspiration!!



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