For a More Elegant Occasion-Wrought Iron

I am not sure how practical these cars are but they are so beautiful. The history of the wrought iron Beetle is sketchy. There have been 12-20 officially built by Volkswagen and several made by owners.   Two of them were displayed at the Olympic Games in Mexico City in 1968 as a part of Volkswagen’s sponsorship of the events.

The project below took four months and 3000 man-hours to complete with details including exterior 24-carat gold leaf and hand-stitched leather interior.

VW beetle

This one is called the Cinderella Beetle or Wedding Beetle. This particular model Here is a genuine VW Iron Beetle.
This was purchased from an elderly Mexican man who found the body of the car back in the 1970’s
abandoned just outside of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
It was verified that it was one of the two original cars displayed at the 1968 Olympics.


This one is wildly ornate and is a running driving example that we located in Northern California
in Feb of 2004. It was built by the same fellow who built the “factory” wedding cars and it was displayed ouside a Mexican Restaurant
called “Casa Linda” for many years.

wrought iron beetle

This is one of my favorite stories:

Joe Gomez of San Antonio, Texas, relates that “One day when I was in bed, I dreamt that I was building a wrought iron car. I woke up, ran to the kitchen and got some paper, and started sketching. My wife thought I was crazy . . . . Everything on this car is handmade, nothing is factory. It took me a little bit better than nine months. The reason I chose the Volkswagen is because the motor’s in back — otherwise I’d have all the fumes in front.” The car brought more customers to Gomez’s wrought-iron company than he could handle, and he soon retired. He later found out that two other people have made wrought-iron Volkswagens!

VW beetle

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