Tip Toe Through the Tulips…

Sometimes Volkswagen modifications are just so awesome and there are several of them in the same category, we have to put them together to collectively  marvel at them. Today’s pictures are brought to you by people who love to garden.

Perhaps there is a point where there just isn’t a lot you can do with an old Volkswagen sitting in your yard, so what better thing to do than turn it into a topiary, become a Horticulturist with it, or send it to an Arboretum to design for display? These VolksWagen Bus and Beetle planters definitely put a new meaning to “flower power” and being “green!”

The Daisy Bus.
VW Bus

Great if you live in the Southern Part of the US. No one will see you!

Green VW Beetle

This bus was (from what I can find) part of a display in Dallas at the Arboretum.

Flower bus VW

The perfect planter!

VW beetle

Or if you like to keep your flowers in a more general area.

Vw Beetle

This is from the Jardin Botanique in Montreal.

VW Beetle

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