Drive to the end of the world.. but not really.

In the spirit of the Mayan calendar ending,  I came across this amazing hand beaded VW Beetle done by Two Huichol families — isolated indigenous natives of west central Mexico. They spent seven months in 2010, affixing strands of glass beads to cover every inch of the Beetle’s exterior, as well as the steering wheel and dashboard. The work, now called the Vochol, was named so as an expression of the cross culture the artwork represents; a mix with the word “Vocho” — slang in Mexico for the popular Beetle, and the word Huichol.

Read More here:
Watch here about the process and symbolism:

VW Beetle, VW Bug, Beaded beetle, Mexico beetle, mexico VW

VW Beetle, VW Beaded, VW mexico

VW Beetle, VW beaded, VW mexico

beaded beetle, vw beetle, mexico, beaded side mirror

VW beaded beetle, VW beetle, VW mexico

Beaded beetle door, vw beetle, mexico beetle, vw beetle, vw bug

Vochol, Beetle, VW Beetle, VW beaded , VW Mexico

dashboard, beetle vw, beaded vw beetle, mexican beetle,

VW Roof, VW beetle, VW beaded beetle, VW mexico

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