Pretty In Pink

In honor of all the little girls around the world that will be getting a Barbie for Christmas- here are some of the pink Volkswagen’s that are circling the globe. Volkswagen made an actual Beetle for Barbies 50th Birthday in 2009.

Pink Volkswagen, Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen wingsPink Beetle, Volkswagen Beetle, VW Beetle, VW Pink beetleVW Beetle, Pink Beetle, Volkswagen BeetleConvertible, Pink, Volkswagen beetle, VW Pink beetle, VW Mini bus, pink mini bus, moores bbq vw bus, VW Beetle, Volkswagen convertible, pink beetle, white and pink beetleHot pink VW, Volkswagen scirocco50th Birthday Barbie, Barbie car, VW pink beetle, VW beetle, VW pink50th Birthday, Barbie Car, Pink Volkswagen, Pink BeetleVW Pink, VW pink bus, vw busVW bus, VW pink, VW camper, pink interior


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