4 things you didn’t learn in Drivers Ed.

Remember those little things you’re taught in Drivers Ed?  Drive with hands at 10 and 2, proper driving space between cars, tap on the breaks to slow at a stop sign or during bad weather, always signal, don’t drive drowsy (or impaired for any reason), and so on…


The first article appeared on Yahoo! Autos in July, and was one of the most popular stories this year. Readers chimed in with their own tips, the most popular being that drivers should pay attention to the road instead of their cell phones. That’s life-saving advice for distracted teens who favor the “text and 2” steering wheel position over the 9 and 3.

The second article appeared in Consumer Guide Automotive and has contributing tips by the managing Editor David Cotta.

Here are some driving tipshttp://autos.yahoo.com/news/4-things-you-didn-t-learn-in-driver-s-ed.html

Here are 50 other tips to help you survive on the roadhttp://consumerguideauto.howstuffworks.com/50-tips-you-didnt-learn-in-drivers-ed.htm


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