Top Things to have in your glove box

The glove box can be a treasure trove of forgotten papers, condiment packets, and even sometimes gloves. First of all, a little history on the Glove box.  Why is it called a Glove Box? Back when the insides of cars were more exposed and usually roofless, gloves were a necessity. Even scarves and goggles were needed. If someone drove without gloves, it would numb their hands. Times change and rarely gloves are kept in them. We have made a collective list of important things to keep in your car.

1.License and Registrationcar kit, car emergency, glove boxKeep all these documents in a plastic bag or held together by a paper clip for easy access and safe keeping.  This included proof of insurance, registration, and a copy of your drivers license.

2. ICE: Car repair, car kit, car emergency, glove boxAlso known as an “in case of emergency”  card. This includes important phone numbers for family, physicians, allergies, medication for you and any constant passengers. This comes in handy if you are in a car accident or have a medical emergency.

3. Owners Manual: glove box, car kit, car emergency, car repairIf your manual came with other materials, skinny it down and keep just the main manual with information on engine care, wiper blade sizes and more.

4. Tire Pressure Gauge: Tire gauge, car emergency, car kit,glove boxUnless you have a Volkswagen with air pressure monitoring system, then a Tire Pressure gauge is one of the most essential items you will need to have in the glove box. These come in digital and non digital forms.

5. Flashlight: car repair, car kit, car emergency, glove boxIn many small situations, there is a need for a flashlight. Changing a tire, dropping something under the car in the dark, dead battery… No matter how big or small- a simple LED flashlight can help in any situation.

6. Phone Charger: car kit, car emergency, glove boxIf you have a smartphone, or any phone at that.. you know how quickly a charge can deplete. Don’t let your phone run out of juice, this is a small item to keep handy in your car.

7. Paper Map: car kit, car repair, car emergency, glove boxLet’s pretend your phone has died and you are on a road trip. I guess you could stop and ask for directions, but there is something magical about a paper map. Just get a small up to date one. I promise it is good to have.

8. Pen and Paper: car kit, car emergency, glove boxJust in case there is an accident, you need to leave a love note, or write a grocery list. It’s good to have a couple pieces of paper or a notepad.

9. Snacks: car kit, car emergency, glove boxJust a few items in case your car breaks down and you need to eat. Preferably things like trail mix and granola bars.

10. Fuses: car repair, car kit, glove box, car emergencyStock your glove box with fuses! If a taillight goes out, or a dc volts, or your windows stop working fuses are ideal for the glove box because they are tiny.

11. Wheel lock key: Car repair, car kit, glove boxThis ensures that no one will walk away with your pricey tires! Plus, you won’t be able to change your tires without it.

12. First-aid Kit: car repair, car emergency, glove boxHit your head while getting in your car, broken down car, paper cut… There is never a reason not to have a first-aid kit in your car. You can buy a small inexpensive kit- make sure it has: bandages, tissues or cotton balls, pain reliever like asprin, and back up prescription.

13. A window hammer: window hammer, car supplies, emergency kitOf course you never think you will need one of these. You can get a cheap one for 5$. This will help you if you get trapped in your car. It’s a simple plastic hammer with a steel tip and a knife to cut the seat belt. Life Hammer is a great example.

14. A Few dollars: glove box, car emergency, car kit Tuck away in an envelope a few dollars in case you are stuck in a toll booth, parking garage, or a place that only takes cash. (10-20$ suggested)


Of course you can personalize your box.  Mints, gum, food condiments, chap stick, a swiss army knife, depending on your state- a gun, hand santizer, and whatever else you need for your daily commute!


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