ChromaFlair Volkswagen Style

According to Wikipedia, ChromaFlair is actually a trademarked pigment that is used in paint.  How cool is that? A Trademarked pigment. It isn’t very common to see too many driving around. However, when you do see them it is amazing what the sun can do when it reflects off the paint.  This effect is known as color shifting.

“The effect is achieved by interfering with the reflection and refraction of light from the painted object’s surface. The paint contains tiny synthetic flakes about one micrometre thick. The flakes are constructed ofaluminium coated with glass-like magnesium fluoride embedded in semi-translucent chromium. The aluminium and chrome gives the paint a vibrant metallic sparkle, while the glass-like coating acts like a refracting prism, changing the apparent color of the surface as the observer moves around. Interestingly, ChromaFlair paints contain no conventional absorbing pigments, rather it is a “light interference pigment”: the color observed is created entirely by the refractive properties of the flakes (analogous to how people perceive rainbow colors in oil slicks).”

Vw Beetle, Iridescent Beetle, luminous, pearlescent, ChromaFlair, punch buggy

volkswagen bus, iridescent, pearlescent, oil slick, purple vw bus, color changing car

Iridescent Volkswagen, ChromaFlair, Karmann Ghia Volkswagen, pearlescent, oil slick, color changing

ChromaFlair, Punch Buggy, Volkswagen Beetle, Volskwagen, Vintage, Iridescent, Pearlescent, color changing,

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