Ewan McGregor Drives A Vintage Beetle

Since the beginning of celebrity time, we have wanted to believe they are “just like us.”  Grocery shopping, getting a hair cut, driving around town by themselves. This interest has spawned all kinds of reality shows, magazines, talk shows, and blogs.

Good news, they love Volkswagen’s too!!

Ewan McGregor has been spotted driving around Los Angeles in his Blue Volkswagen Vintage Beetle. Purchased in 2009 the car is in perfect condition. The VW love is appreciated Ewan.

Vintage Beetle, Volkswagen Beetle, Punch Buggy, Celebrity, Ewan McGregor,

Read More Nowhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2257170/Ewan-McGregor-takes-classic-VW-Beetle-spin-Los-Angeles.html

VW Pop Culture Influnce: http://www.pinterest.com/vwsouthtowne/das-vw-pop-culture/

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