The Aqua Car-Something New

Volkswagen, concept car, china Volkswagen, Volkswagen Aqua, VW ATV,ATV

The Volkswagen Aqua car is described as a “air cushion vehicle” created by a Chinese designer- Yuhan Zhang. Calling it an ATV is just the beginning for Volkswagen and future car lovers. As a hover craft, the propellers are made to look like regular car wheels. The designer made it to “travel equally well over land, ice, and water.” Yuhan had just graduated with honors from Xihua University with a degree in Industrial Design. Currently she’s in the process of selecting a Transportation Design course to further her studies.

The Volkswagen Aqua is designed to cope with the wide variety of terrain which covers China. From the lakes, rivers and coastal waters, to the roads, wetlands and snow and ice. The concept was shortlisted in the CDN Car Design Awards China, based on the brief entitled simply; “Chinese off-road vehicle” by Volkswagen.

Volkswagen, concept car, china Volkswagen, Volkswagen Aqua, VW ATV,ATV

From Yuhan Zhang:

Aqua is based on the customized subject “Chinese off-road vehicle” by Volkswagen.

The Aqua offers an insight of futuristic vehicle powered by hydrogen and propelled by impeller.

Aqua is function with several engines, the main one drives the fan (or impeller) under the chases, which is responsible for lifting the vehicle by forcing high pressure air under the craft. The air inflates the “skirt” under the vehicle, causing it to rise above the surface. Additional engines provide thrust in order to propel the craft.

Aqua interprets the philosophy of Volkswagen Design with no single parting-line and laconic appearance, The door (hatch)locates on the back of Aqua. It features an electric drive train powered by a hydrogen fuel cell with no pollutant emissions.”

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