VW Superbowl Ad securing Mainstream U.S. status.

Volkswagen, America, Volkswagen of America, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Photo Courtesy : http://www.autoblog.com

After three consecutive years of strong double-digit sales increases in the U.S. market and the construction of a new plant in Tennessee, the implicit argument might be, VW is unapologetic in taking its place as a main-tier player in the United States as its parent company also seeks to become the world’s largest automaker.

That is one reason to expect Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ad this year ad to go in more of a brand-affirmation direction rather than touting one specific product, as it did with the epic “Little Darth Vader” spot in 2011 (for the American-made Passat) and with the ad last year in which a dog fondly chased one of the new VW Beetles.

Another reason to anticipate a more general theme from VW this time around is that Volkswagen of America has no specific, upcoming major-product launch that could benefit from a Super Bowl treatment. This time, with no such nameplate to promote, “we’re looking at a couple different options,” Tim Mahoney, CMO of Volkswagen of America, told me.

“We could go make it more about the brand or more about a specific product,” he said, declining to give away much more. “But we need to make sure the work is at the same level.” 

Read More here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/dalebuss/2013/01/22/vws-super-bowl-ad-should-affirm-mainstream-u-s-status/

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