Volkswagen Unveils Superbowl commercial- Get Happy

Volkswagen has unveiled their Superbowl commercial today.

A little premature? Perhaps. I felt a little disappointed because it’s like showing a wedding dress before the wedding, right? The teaser released last week could have held us over until Sunday. After a team has lost, most people tune in for the commercials instead of the actual game. Seeing this in advance took away some of the anticipation and excitement. Don’t get me wrong- I am sure there will be plenty to see, but having the awesome Volkswagen “The Force” and Volkswagen “The Bark Side” commercials last year… I  was looking forward to the commercial on Sunday.

What makes you happy about this commercial? I kind of want to walk around the office with a Jamaican accent and singing like Jimmy Cliff. Between the teaser and the actual commercial, I believe Volkswagen has brought sunshine and happiness back. Is it through a Beetle, Jimmy Cliff, or through the Partridge Family, I’m not quite sure yet.  It definitely makes me smile, appreciate coffee more, and makes me want to be 3 minutes late.

I will still look forward to Sunday and seeing what other advertisers pull, but this could possibly be one of my most favorite this year.

Here is a great making of the commercial. Would you stand in an elevator for 100 takes?

THE actual Volkswagen Superbowl 2013 Commercial.

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