Golf 7 4motion Announced in Europe

According to the Volkswagen Golf 7 4motion has been announced in Europe.  VWVortex reports that: Volkswagen is expanding the new Golf range: following the models with front-wheel drive launched at the end of 2012, the versions with 4MOTION all-wheel drive are now being unveiled. Volkswagen is thus continuing the long tradition of four-wheel drive Golf models – the first Golf with four driven wheels made its debut back in 1986. The new Golf’s permanent four-wheel drive system is one of the most modern and efficient of its kind in the world. In this latest version of the Golf 4MOTION Volkswagen is using a four-wheel drive system with an enhanced, fifth-generation Haldex coupling.

The Volkswagen Golf 7 4motion will offer:

  • Situation-based power distribution.
  • Rear axle will always be available.
  • 15% lower fuel consumption.
  • High Tech as standard.

Volkswagen, Golf 7, 4motion, european cars

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