“Get Happy” 4th Largest Hashtag use during Super Bowl

It may have not been everyone’s favorite commercial, but the Volkswagen “Get Happy” Commercial on social media garnered the 4th highest amount of hashtags on Twitter during the Super Bowl. Volkswagen was the most tweeted named only preceded by Doritos, GoDaddy, and Calvin Klein.  Volkswagen has a history of performing well with its Super Bowl advertisements. The manufacturer’s ‘The Force’ campaign is widely regarded as the most shared automotive commercial of all time.

At the time The Force was attributed to a 127 per cent leap in traffic to the Volkswagen site, helping to shift an additional 20,902 Passats.

Other car brands that were popular during the Super Bowl were Toyota’s #wishgranted and Audi’s #bravery.

It has to to be seen the numbers and impact of the Volkswagen “Get Happy” Commercial, but by the hashtag success it would be safe to say it performed well.

Read More herehttp://www.motortorque.com/car-news/get-happy-fourth-highest-super-bowl-hashtag-21294.aspx?campaign=TW_Post&utm_campaign=TW+Post&utm_medium=Social

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