Volkswagen Southtowne Customer Reviews

Volkswagen Southtowne of Utah has reviews that come from all sources! We love to feature some.

Stephen G. 2/20/2013 “Good Experience. I especially liked the VIP over the email and internet and phone experience. I got into a more expensive car that I wanted, but they were able to make the payments work.” 

John C. 2/13/2013 “My wife and I bought two cars from a Nissan dealership in Orem a couple years ago. Not only were we taken to the cleaners but when I went back to said dealership all they said was that they couldn’t do anything without taking a loss. So we came to VW to see if they could help. Not only did they get us out of our vehicles and all of our negative but they also took a loss on the deal. I appreciated them showing me the figures and explaining everything to me in great detail. This was by far the most straight forward, no hidden costs I have experienced. I have bought cars from most major dealerships in Utah and this has by far been my best experience. I will continue to work with VW Southtowne and recommend anyone who is in the market for a car to come experience what I have.” 

Katelyn J. “Very friendly and welcoming! All our questions (which were A LOT were answered and we were able to fully understand the answers. Our sales man was very nice and made us feel comfortable the whole time.”

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Ashley S. 2/20/2013 “Great they got me into what I was looking for and was overall excellent experience I would request them to my friends and family and gave me a good deal on the trade and car I’ve got now is exactly what I was looking for.” 

Danielle B 2/16/2013 “It was great! I sold my car for way more than I thought. The sales representative, Dave Bleckert  was the best. He treated me like a real person not just someone buying a car. You could tell he really cared about me and my price range. Overall it was a great experience for my first time buy and will defiantly recommend Volkswagen to family and friends.” 

 Kayla H 1/12/2013 I came into VW Southtowne today to purchase my first car. When my boyfriend and I walked on the lot, we were immediately approached by a salesman who assisted us through the purchasing process. He was very helpful and made the process easy. There was no pressure, and he helped us for about 4 hours looking around at different cars, which helped us find the one we ended up purchasing. Had he not been so understanding, informative, and helpful, we may not have found our perfect car. I was extremely pleased with my experience at VW Southtowne.”

Brian S. 2/18/2012 “Ben Campbell, Matt Ottosen, and Cameron ( in service ) are an amazing team. I genuinely feel as though they wanted to make me happy. The vehicles are outstanding. But the customer service was even better, how about that?”

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We can’t win them all and we understand that, we do sometimes make mistakes. We ask, as customers, please give us a chance to remedy the situation before assuming we don’t care. Sometimes it is a matter of miscommunication and sometimes yes, the problem is bigger and we need to be given an opportunity to fix it. We also understand buyers remorse and confusion during the signing process. We have ALL bought cars before and been consumers, amazingly enough we have been in your shoes as a customer.. we DO understand. Customer loyalty is our number one priority and we want to be able to empathize and help you with any issues you may have as a VW Buyer as well as celebrate your excitements.

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