VW 2013 Golf Named Car of Year

Volkswagen’s 2013 Golf has been named the European Car of the Year.  Volkswagen’s Golf has earned this title by journalists throughout 20 countries. The hatchback is Volkswagen’s flagship car and it is working its way to helping Volkswagen take over the number one spot over Toyota.

The car left the competition in the dust Monday on the eve of the Geneva Motor Show, grabbing 414 votes. The Subaru BRZ, also sold as the Toyota GT-86, was second with 202 votes and the Volvo V40 third with 189 votes.

The award is one of the most important in Europe and gives consumers an idea of what the experts think the car of the future is. But it’s old news for the Golf, which has already won it in 1992.

Based on Volkswagen’s all-new MQB platform that will underpin numerous other new cars, the seventh-generation Golf sheds up to 220 lbs over its predecessor. As always, Volkswagen will offer numerous versions of the Golf, from including both a GTD diesel hot-hatch and the iconic GTI which now makes as much as 230 hp.

While billed as a 2013 model in Europe, the new Golf will be a 2014 model for North America and won’t arrive until later this year.

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