Volkswagen SmileDrive powered by Google

Volkswagen has created a Google App that is the first to optimize your traveling adventures. All you have to do is PAIR the app with your car and sign in with your Google account. Once it’s synched, the app will automatically connect each time you go for a ride. The app runs seamlessly in the background as you drive. VIEW your route and share memorable moments as they’re happening. TAG your passengers and let friends and family follow your trip in real-time.

Trip Mode

Your friends can watch and comment on your journey in real‑time.

Your Smileage™

Who you’re with, where you go, and what you share make the drive more fun, increasing your Smileage™.


Every time you pass another Volkswagen with Smileage™, you get a punch—without the sore arm.


Earn stickers for special punches, like passing a Volkswagen that looks exactly like yours. Twinsies!

Now available on Android and IPhone!

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