Volkswagen Southtowne Customer Reviews

Volkswagen Southtowne of Utah has reviews that come from all sources! We love to feature some.

MaryJane M. 3/8/2013

I brought in my leased car and am trading it in for a new model. They have all been very nice and helpful. Lacey Jorgensen has kept me company while all the deals went on. I have been a VW owner 4 times now.

Nadya B. 3/8/2013

 Very friendly, fast and able to provide an excellent first-time buyer experience. Dave wasn’t too pushy or aggressive which is something I appreciate A LOT. Great experience overall. 🙂

Rakesh R. 3/9/2013

Our experience in the dealership exceeded our expectations in every possible way. The staff was very courteous and patient, answering all our questions and queries. They offered us a deal that was affordable. We also came in for a trade-in and I couldn’t have expected a better offer from any other dealership. They even helped us manage our tired 2 year old. 

Overall, it was an amazing experience. Courteous, patient, gentle, and a great deal more. A special thanks to the salesperson (Dan), banker (Cody), and financier (Josh). 

Kristin M. 3/8/2013

I have bought many vehicles from dealerships over the years and have never been more impressed with the professionalism, courteousness, and compassion that what I received here at Southtowne VW. From working with Keith Archibald, Scott, Mathew, and the finance team… it was a perfect experience from start to finish! This staff and dealership has met more expectations than I new I had!! Thank YOU all!!!

Carlos R. 3/9/2013

I came in really thinking if Southtowne VW could really help me with a purchase of a new car, I was extremely surprised by the great service and great people you have here: Scott, Matt, and Tom were great to work with and they got me the car I really wanted. Thanks. 

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We can’t win them all and we understand that, we do sometimes make mistakes. We ask, as customers, please give us a chance to remedy the situation before assuming we don’t care. Sometimes it is a matter of miscommunication and sometimes yes, the problem is bigger and we need to be given an opportunity to fix it. We also understand buyers remorse and confusion during the signing process. We have ALL bought cars before and been consumers, amazingly enough we have been in your shoes as a customer.. we DO understand. Customer loyalty is our number one priority and we want to be able to empathize and help you with any issues you may have as a VW Buyer as well as celebrate your excitements.

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