Volkswagen XL1 test drive

We only wish we could have been in line for the test drive of the Volkswagen XL1 at the Geneva Auto show this past week in Switzerland, especially behind the wheel with space jumper Felix Baumgartner. Can you imagine the awesome conversation, that is if you speak German! The XL1 is being named the “world’s most fuel efficient vehicle.”  Its specs include 261 mpg, a plug in hybrid engine, aerodynamic body shape to assist in efficiency, cameras in place of side mirrors, and a passenger seat that sits slight back from the driver’s seat.

Felix said he was “very pleasantly surprised by the workman ship. Especially the carbon fiber material which is the material of the future.” He also stated about the engine, “you’re use to the sound of a heavy motor but you don’t get that with the XL1.”

Mike Rutherford of The Sunday Times stated that it was “the most astonishing thing every driven in over a quarter of a century. So different, a different driving experience.

Birgit Premier of Auto Motor und Sport stated that she “admire’s Volkswagen’s courage in pulling out this small scale series. The detailed solutions in this master plan will be turning up in other cars we will see on the road in the next years.”

VW has not announced a price for the XL1, nor does it have a release date for the 250 production examples. There may be a loss for Volkswagen, but in all reality it is such a technological wonder that it may not matter! It is reported that VW UK has already ordered 50 of the left hand, drive only cars. The XL1 already has it’s own motto: Car of the future, driving on the roads of today.

Another great test drive review: by Hilton Holloway


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