VW GTI-Out Of This World

This amazing VW Golf GTI commercial/movie is brought to you by FAW-VW.

They came to Kaism Lim to produce a new viral video to promote the GTI in China. The brief was to create a aggressive,new school video that showcased the car in a “out of this world” environment. “OUT OF THIS WORLD” was a play on words because not only was the environment intergalactic, but the the driving attributes of the GTI were also out of this world. We worked closely with David Googins And Martin Biswurm from FAW-VW to create a visual style that would highlight the cars looks and abilities. After pitching the concept of utilizing CGI combined with live action shooting to create a intergalactic race we were told to go ahead with production.

Our team developed all the environments from concept art all the way to execution. The look and feel of the worlds were decided and we moved into the pre production phase of pre-vis and location scouting for the live action.

The shoot was 4 days long and we were able to use the biggest green screen studio in china. We signed the D.P danny pope on board and the director KAISM who also heads the post team on this project to begin the pre production. After casting and securing all the talent for the shoot we went into production. We chose the red epic for this shoot as we needed the resolution and high speed abilities of the camera.

This video is one of the biggest projects we worked on in 2012. FAW-VW had big expectations for this film and were expecting a lot of traffic after its release. This film exceeded their expectations within 2 days of the launch the FAW-VW website had 10 times the traffic. The online videos were being reposted and going viral.

The Golf GTI video was the most successful project of 2012 not only because of its popularity online but also because of the next level style of production that was used for the first time ever for FAW-VW.

– Written by Jason Kirby (E.Producer) –

— Full Credit List —

Client – FAW-VW China

– Agency – DMG
E. Creative Director – Dan Mintz
Creative Director – Martin & Flip
Art Director – Lily & Caroline
Acc. Director – Orlaith, Li Kang

– Concept & Story Development – VFX team DMG
Story & Race Sequence – Kaism Lim
Concept Art Direction – Kaism Lim, Lock Yi
Concept Art Designer – Lock Yi, DB Gao, Cheeyen
Car Design – Kaism, Chee yen, DB Gao
3D Support – DB Gao, Lulu
Dialogue Script – Flip
Previz Editor – Liao Yong

— Film Production —

Director – Kaism Lim
1st AD – Jason Kirby
DOP – Danny Pope
E. Producer – Jason Kirby
Production Manager – Kyle Ching
Asst. Producer – Daniel Zhao, Sam Chee
Unit Production Manager – Ning Ning
Asst. UPM – Lao Zhu
Wardrobe – Connie
Set Decorator – Xiao Cai
On set VFX Supervisor – Cheeyen, CK Kong
On set VFX Supports – DB Gao, Allen, YC Huang, Lock Yi
Behind the scene video & photographer – Haiyan

– Post Production – DMG
Editor – James Teh
Post Producer – Yuan Fei
Compositor & 3D Animation – Lock Yi, DB Gao, Yin Chen, Lulu Zhang

– VFX Production studio – Huevisualab
Producer – Denise Tay, Sasha
VFX Supervisor – Matthew Ho
Lead CG Artist / Lighting / 3D Modeling / Effects Simulation – CK Kong
Lead Animator / 3D Modeling – Wubin Yow
3D Animator – Johnson Ling, Alexander Teoh
3D Modeler – Allen Yap
3D Tracking – Daniel Chia, Allen Yap
AE Compositor – Kelvin, Nas, Bruce, Ritchie, Yeu Jian
Nuke Compositor – Gideon, Skyler Leong
Previz Animator – CK Kong, Wubin Yow

– VFX Production studio – Passion Republic
Producer – Ng Aik Sern
VFX Supervisor – Koh Chong Cheng
3D Animator – Jason Pan Wei Yee, Seah Chin Yuan, Hoi Yee Sum, Sia Ding Shen, Aiken Tow Yong Chiang, Cheong Teik Mun
3D Modeling – Leong Chee Sang, Kok Yip Sun, Lai Meng Guan, Chu Ying Zhi
Lighting Artist & Compositor – Koh Chong Cheng, Hoh Wei Jie, Kok Yip Sun, Lai Meng Guan, Woo Kah Hoe, Cheou Boon Leong, Leong Chee Sang
Effects Simulation – Hoh Wei Jie, Cheou Boon Leong
Matte Painting – Johnson Ting Sin Yu, Tham Hoi Mun, Chu Ying Zhi

– Post Production – APV
Producer – Chen & Dave
Flame Artist – Cheeyen, Matthew Ho
Colorist – Iput

– Audio Production – Imaginex Studio
Producer – Jazzlyn, Michelle Kay
Sound Design, Edit, Final Mix – Wong

– Music Production – Stefan Z
Supervisor, Editor – Stefan Z

— End Of Credit List —

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