VW iBeetle. iPhone 5 Integration for Volkswagen.

The VW iBeetle is a marriage of two brands with plenty of klout behind them. The iPhone 5 integrated into the Volkswagen Beetle is an Apple and VW lovers actuality to an Apple icar.

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The iBeetle made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show this week. The special edition Volkswagen is set to be released in early 2014 with advance sells starting in October of 2013. Digital integration and connectivity is quickly becoming part of the auto industry; Volkswagen has not only created this special edition, it has also created an app (obviously named “Beetle App”) to go along with it. Once connected, the app can run any number of features, including; Spotify; Postcard (for sharing vehicle location) Photo (for sharing interior photos), Trailer, which allows drivers to compare driving specs with previous drives and other Beetle owners through social media, and Reader, which will read text and Facebook messages aloud.

With an in-dash doc for the iPhone, the connection allows for navigation, hands free use,  and iTunes sync for media streaming. The VW iBeetle will also come with  18-inch “Disc” alloy wheels and a “Chrome pack” that mimics the iPhone’s color scheme. The colors for the iBeetle were chosen to replicate the iPhone designs; Candy White, Black Monochrome, Deep Black Pearl effect, Platinum Grey, Reflex Silver, and Oryx White. Volkswagen will offer this as the  iBeetle Coup and iBeetle Convertible (cabriolet).

There is no word on pricing.

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