VW TDI Retro-fit Memo

If you own a car that goes on premium gas perhaps there has been a time that you have been tempted to put just regular in it.  Maybe just a little? After all, it is a few cents cheaper.

Volkswagen issued a memo to all dealers to let their customers know that the majority of complaints are coming from misfueling the VW TDI models. This is causing damage to the engines and Volkswagen has stepped up because this issue isn’t covered under warranty and they want to take steps to make sure that consumer’s are not filling up with the wrong fuel. Improper fueling has become an occasional source of tension between VW and its vehicle owners, online message boards show, because fueling a TDI model with gasoline voids its warranty. The leading maker of car diesels in the U.S. is planing to retrofit 209,500 cars with barriers to make sure motorists can’t mistakenly pump gas into their tanks, Automotive News reports. The “service action” will cover 209,500 cars in the U.S. built between 2009 and 2012. Affected models are the TDI versions of the 2009-12 Jetta, 2010-12 Golf and 2009-12 Jetta SportWagen, called the Golf Wagon in Canada.

VW’s fix is a fuel filler cap and sleeve to try to keep out gas nozzles, which has a smaller diameter than diesel fuel nozzles.The report says the government has received about 160 complaints about the problem. Consumer’s are leaning towards the VW TDI (clean diesel) because of its fuel efficiency and eco friendly engine.  Beginning with 2013 vehicles, VW redesigned its fuel fillers to accept only diesel nozzles.  Gasoline nozzles are smaller than diesel nozzles. But with one of the new TDI fuel fillers, if a driver tries to insert a gasoline nozzle instead of a diesel nozzle, the fuel tank gate will remain closed.

VW will begin to notify customers May 28th.


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