VW XL1 only a lease?

Word on the street says you can forget owning one of the uber eco friendly Volkswagen XL1’s.

The highly efficient hybrid plug in that debuted at the Geneva Auto Show has been rumored to have limited production and is unlikely to come to the U.S.  Volkswagen hasn’t said much about the release of the production of the XL1. AutoBlogGreen asked a VW representative and VW of America’s manager of product and technology communications, Mark Gillies, which said that “it will most likely be a lease scheme.

With specs of 261mpg the Volkswagen XL1 is said to be a “technological wonder.”  A plug in hybrid engine, aerodynamic body shape to assist in efficiency, cameras in place of side mirrors, and a passenger seat that sits slightly back from the driver’s seat are just some of the other features of the hybrid.

Fuel Efficient, Hybrid, Worlds most fuel efficient, xl1, volkswagen, vw, geneva auto show, switzerland, orange

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