Volkswagen Wedding Ideas.

The date is set. The dress is bought. Cake is ordered. You are totally in love with each other but you’re also in love with your Volkswagen. The question now is how do you incorporate your beloved VW into this memorable day and create a Volkswagen Wedding?

If you live in the UK you may be fortunate enough to hire companies such as The Cornwall Camper Company  and Strawberry Leisure or if you are in the states and around Kansas City, Missouri- The Photo Bus.  Another great way to find beautifully restored VW’s for your wedding pictures and even for a set up at the wedding is to visit local car shows and network.  Although they don’t do transportation anymore, The Hippie Limo is a 1965 VW Microbus Limo in Boulder, Colorado for wedding and engagement picture hire! Here in Utah, outlets such as Utah Rides, WasatchEuro, and Wasatch Volks Folks are great places to network. It never hurts to ask, and someone may know someone who knows someone!

Getting photos done with a VW for your engagement pictures is a perfect start to bring your love of VW into your special day.

The VW Bus,  VW Beetle, or a classic VW Karmann Ghia, AND your significant other can make for adoreable engagement pictures!

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If you are lucky to find a rental company such as Cornwall Camper Company or The Photo Bus you will be able to use the VW for more than just engagement pictures!

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Now the marriage is finalized, let the party begin! Volkswagen wedding cakes, Volkswagen cookies, you name it and it can be done to complete your beautiful day.

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Submit to us how you included your Volkswagen in your wedding celebrations!

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