VW EGolf to plug its way into US

Volkswagen is not releasing a 2014 Golf so they could design the 7th generation VW model.  For some time there has been rumors of an EGolf surfacing and VW now has a general realease time frame.

VW EGolf, Electric VW, Volkswagen Green Auto, VW 2015 Golf

At the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show this past week, Volkswagen announced that it will be releasing an electric version of the redesigned Golf in 2015. The EGolf will be driven by a 115-hp electric motor and a 24.2-kWh battery pack. These stats give the EGolf a distance of approximately 118 miles before it needs to recharge. Volkswagen estimates about 4 hours for charging.

Many electric cars are not known for their power or acceleration. VW is claiming a 0-60 mph acceleration in about 10 seconds and says it should reach top speeds of 94 mph. One of the enticing features of the VW EGolf will be a parking heater that will keep the car warm when parked. Volkswagen needs to have a zero emission electric car to meet California clean air laws. A much smaller UP! was also shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but the plug in for America remains the Golf model.

VW Egolf, Volkswagen,

The company needs a zero-emissions electric car to meet 2014 California clean-air requirements in the Golden State and other municipalities that follow California emissions regulations. Along with the eGolf, the automaker showed the much smaller electric eUp at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, but its plug-in focus for the United States remains an expansion of its Golf line. There is not any pricing or exact release date yet, but it is said to be priced somewhere in the mid $30’s.

Sources: Consumerreports.org and Endgadget.com



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