End of the VW Bus. (Updated12.20.2013)

…”So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu.”

It has been announced that the VW Bus, aka. Kombi, Transporter, Type 2, the mini bus, and camper, will be ending its run December 31, 2013 in Brazil due to “stringent safety regulations.” With 63 years behind this Volkswagen icon, it is one that definitely will not be forgotten. VW Brazil has been producing them for 56 years and plans to do a proper send off with the last 600 produced being a special edition called the “Last Edition.” Volkswagen will open the Last Edition order book before the end of the month.  The van will retail for 85,000 Brazilian Reais (approximately $$36,000), about twice the price of a regular van and roughly the same price as a brand new turbocharged Jetta.

vw bus, vw kombi, vw special edition

vw kombi, vw bus, vw, special edition

vw kombi, vw brasil, vw special edition, vw bus

“The van represents freedom,” said Damon Ristau, of Missoula, Montana, director of the documentary “The Bus,” which follows van fanatics and their affection for the machine. “It has a magic and charm lacking in other vehicles. It’s about the open road, about bringing smiles to peoples’ faces when they see an old VW van rolling along.” It has definitely made an impression in pop culture since the moment it rolled out.  It has became a symbol of freedom and the hippie movement in the 60’s/70’s.  They have represented and used by businesses as an advertising tool, painted to show love for music such as Greatful Dead and The Doors, and in movies and tv like The Simpons and Disney’s Cars.

Kermit, Kombi, VW bus, Volkswagen transporter

This news may have VW lovers sad but there will never be a shortage of these beloved busses! “VW produced more than 10 million Volkswagen Transporter vans globally since the model was introduced 63 years ago in Germany, though not all resemble the classic hippie machine. More than 1.5 million have been produced in Brazil since 1957.”

Source: AP NEWSLeft Lane News, VW Type 2, VW Bus Pinterest


Yesterday broke news that the VW Kombi could possibly find a way to continue. Chris Knapman of the Telegraph reports “It has now emerged that Guido Mantega, Brazil’s finance minister, is investigating whether an exemption can be made for the Kombi, based on the fact that its original design didn’t allow room for these modern safety features.” Hopefully it will be able to keep in production!  To read more click HERE

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