Volkswagen Blue Sport Roadster… concept

In 2009 at the Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen introduced a fun and sporty concept car called the BlueSport.  Volkswagen teased consumers with this small roadster which gave great design lines of both VW and Audi, a diesel engine, and plenty of rumours surrounding whether or not it would actually be produced.

Well, will it or won’t it?

While there has been talk of the concept becoming a reality for some time now, it’s never become concrete. The problem is that Volkswagen has had a hard time making a business case for a small, mid-engine diesel sports car, especially with Audi and Porsche building sporty roadsters. There have been plenty of explainations like “there just isn’t a market for the BlueSport,” “the economy is too bad to produce something like this concept,” and Ulrich Hackenberg told Motor Trend in early 2012 that the BlueSport was in “pre-production” and necessary to “emotionalize” the VW brand:

“Production of the BlueSport sports car remains less certain. “We are always fighting this, in a positive sense, and I always say our creativity is beyond the market,” Hackenberg says of the BlueSport. “Up to a level, we are developing, or we are pre-developing, such cars.” Then VW needs to go to the market to determine if the potential volume for the car is there.If VW can find a global market for 40,000 or 50,000 BlueSports a year, it’s a go. “The market of such cars is dominated by the Mazda, which is a good car. It has maybe 80 percent of the market. It’s a small market.”If VW can count on no more than 20 percent of the Miata’s potential market, Hackenberg will not build the car.”VW, Volkswagen concept, VW convertible, VW bluesport concept

The BlueSport was powered by a 2.0-liter TDI four-cylinder engine with 180 horsepower and a very healthy 258 pound-feet of torque. It had VW’s generally fantastic six-speed DSG with paddle shifters, an estimated zero to 60 mph time of 6.2 seconds, and a slim curb weight of 2,600 pounds. It was going to be the first well priced, light weight, sports car offered by VW in a long time. It has even been said this car would be the descendant of the Porsche 914.  Some of the concerns are that it might cut into other Volkswagen markets such as Porsche and Audi.

Was there ever an actual working VW Bluesport Concept? Yes! Fifth Gear took it for a spin.

In May 2013, Volkswagen still gave a big fat “maybe” on production but nothing more has been said.

3 responses to “Volkswagen Blue Sport Roadster… concept

  1. I drive a golf tdi dsg now. If vw made this id trade my car in for this ASAP!!!
    As for what cars vw offers in the USA as of now (2014) im not sure id stay with VW, due to the fact they do not offer what i want!
    VW really needs to get their USA line up together cause their just pushing people away with the lack of diverse offerings.
    (cuv/suv are not going to save you)

    VW really needs to get the USA line up together, cause all cuv/suv are not going to save

    • Thanks for your comment Steve. We know VW is very committed to the US market and are looking at several product refreshes and new offerings. We hope they bring them soon too, but we’ll keep you updated.
      Hope your enjoying your Golf!

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