2015 VW Golf R unveiled

Today was an exciting day for Volkswagen at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. With the announcement of the VW 7-Passenger SUV for 2016 and then the unveiling of the 2015 redesigned VW Golf R. The release date for the all new Golf-R will be first quarter of 2015.

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Andres Valbuena @ Volkswagen gave us some new specs for the 2015 Golf R:

Turbocharged Engine

  • Zero to 62 mph in just 4.9 seconds (DSG® dual-clutch automatic transmission).
  • Advanced EA888 four-cylinder turbocharged direct-injection 2.0-liter engine.  How is it “advanced” from the other EA888 engine found in the GTI? The cylinder head (along with exhaust valves, valve seats and springs), pistons, high-pressure injection system, and turbocharger have all been updated or completely redesigned for performance.
  • Estimated 290 horsepower at 5,500 RPM, making it one of the world’s most powerful four-cylinder production engines. Maximum torque upped to 280 pound-feet.
  • Water-cooled exhaust gas channels running through the cylinder head to the turbocharger.


  • The all-new Golf R is equipped with 4MOTION all-wheel-drive. Adding in the 5th Generation Haldex® coupling, the latest-generation 4MOTION system is activated before any wheel spin occurs, so there is nearly no traction loss.
  • A control unit continually calculates the ideal drive torque for the rear wheels and controls how much the multi-plate clutch should be closed by activating the oil pump.
  • XDS® Cross differential lock and electronic differential lock (EDS) for stability control.


  • Sport-tuned suspension. Compared to the Golf, the ride height was dropped 0.8 inches, so the all-new Golf R is now 0.2 inches lower than the GTI.
  • “Progressive” variable ratio steering rack for improved steering response, increased maximum attainable cornering speeds, and understeer is all but eliminated.
  • Available “Driver Selection Modes” that offers three driving modes: Comfort, Normal, and Sport. A special “Race” mode is also available for on-track driving.


  • The uprated brakes from the GTI Performance Pack model are carried over to the all-new Golf R. Front 13.4-inch diameter vented disc brakes are 1.2 inches thick with rear rotors measuring 12.2” x 0.9”. Brake pistons are 2.4 inches in the front and 1.7 inches in back.
  • The black brake calipers have the R logo design.


  • New bumper design with large air inlets and modified radiator grille with R logo.
  • R design diffuser, four chrome tailpipes, and R logo on the trunklid.
  • Newly developed LED daytime running lights integrated into the standard Bi-Xenon headlight housings that form a distinctive dual “U” design.
  • 18-inch “Cadiz” aluminum-alloy wheels with 225/40 tires, R-style side skirts, and R badges on the front fenders.


  • Front sport seats and leather seating surfaces.
  • Leather trim on the upper and lower grip zones of the three-spoke R sport steering wheel, which has a chrome R logo on its lower cross bar.
  • Carbon Touch inlays on the dashboard and door trim panels, as well as ambient lighting in the trim panels.
  • Stainless-steel kickplates, pedals and foot support.
  • Customized R touchscreen and instruments panel. The 5.8-inch navigation touchscreen features proximity sensors: as a finger is moved near the screen, the system automatically switches to input mode.


2 responses to “2015 VW Golf R unveiled

  1. Love the new Vw golf r coming 2015 .but two pet pees small triangle glass at front doors near mirror gives it that old school look not to mention honda civic similar triangle glass and then mirror .also mirror over sized .and why designers didn’t not design body Vw golf rally look beef up body like e30 bmw m3 ? Would have killer look love volkswagens but I think they missed the mark a little .

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