VW: Find your Match

VW of America released it’s new website format this past week. Deutsch of Los Angeles (Volkswagen of America’s nation advertising agency) came up with a brilliant marketing concept called “Find Your Match.”  blogged about the process:

Deutsch LA Chief Digital Officer Winston Binch tells us what was the inspiration that sparked this concept, “An important insight we found was that most car configurators are broken. They help you build cars and assemble options that are difficult to find, and even create imaginary cars. Based on our findings, we felt that there was room for a brand’s car site that was more transparent, simpler to use and better at solving car shoppers’ needs.”  

“We looked to transformative e-brands for inspiration, but we also ended up in an unexpected place: online dating,” Winston says. In addition to both requiring a set of pre-determined filters, Winston adds that picking your perfect mate and car are both stressful, rational, and ultimately, emotional decisions. Matchmaking felt like the perfect metaphor.

The Creative Concept

“We used the idea of the dating site to make it easy for people to understand what we were doing and to keep people focused,” says Andrew Hsu, Creative Director.

“Most arguments could be settled by saying ‘But that goes against the whole idea of a dating site!’”

With that vision in mind, the creative team was able to eliminate all of the clutter that often surrounds shopping for a vehicle online, keeping it to just the basic elements people really look for when thinking about buying a car.

To Read more about the Find your Match concept creation: http://blog.deutschinc.com/2014/05/new-vw-3-0-site-helps-you-find-your-perfect-match-in-cars/


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