VW GTI Vision appearing in Gran Turismo 6

This week Volkswagen revealed a full scale model of the VW Vision GT GTI that will appear in PlayStation® Gran Turismo 6. Sketches of the VW hot hatch started to make their way around the internet earlier this week and May 29th the actual VW Vision made its appearance at the GTI Meeting in Wörthersee.

The GTI meeting began as an event for GTI owners in 1982, with Volkswagen starting official support of the meeting from 2006. The event has expanded in scale over the years to become on par with full size motor shows, with a large booth set up by Volkswagen for the group brand. The meeting that began with 100 participants now welcomes over 200,000 guests in recent years.

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gran turismo 6, vw gran turismo, vw vision reveal


There are NO plans to ever make this an actual vehicle for sale. This car will be added to the PlayStation® exclusive title “Gran Turismo 6” in a free update planned for June 2014.

To see more pictures of the reveal and related video click herehttp://www.gran-turismo.com/us/news/00_8170718.html

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