Volkswagen Project Build

Featured VW Online Resource: Volkswagen Project Build

We came across a really great Volkswagen community website on Google+. Crowd Funding has become super popular over the past couple years and has built communities for projects (such as The Photo Bus), non-profit organizations, or to create a new product. Rodrigo is the brains behind the Volkswagen Project build. So what exactly IS Volkswagen Project Build and Why did Rodrigo decide to start this Volkswagen community?

What is Volkswagen Project Build? 

It’s crowd funded community oriented project that will launch a company that custom builds VW Beetles and Kombis (Pre 1973 models only), The builds/projects will be completed with the help of a community that shares common interests. The project will also generate income sources for workers in Mexico, and give an added value to skilled workers while promoting fair wages and fair work.

A Little More about Rodrigo’s passion!

While building and customizing with the help of friends and family I realize that this car passion is of to be shared and done with a community, creating and been involved in a process like this makes everyone feel like Rock & Rolling! So with that said I invite you, on behalf of everyone already involved to be part of the community, be part of the build. Hop on rock and roll with us and leave your mark on an old VW bug (or many!)

Volkswagen Project Build is a great community to get involved if you are an Individual that has a passion for old cars, VW cars, retro cars, vintage cars, and building with other people or a company that shares the same interests in current projects or the community.

If you are interested in Volkswagen Project Build and you want to know how to get involved, you can follow them on social media Click each: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


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