VW ads and the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Volkswagen, although not an official sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, is sparing no expense in getting word out about the new 2015 VW Golf GTI. VW’s lead ad agency, Deutsch, Los Angeles, is working on World Cup ads. Hispanic shop COD, Miami, is working on Spanish-language ads. The coordinated campaign will break around the official start of the 2014 World Cup on June 12. The quadrennial event will take place all over Brazil through July 13. Volkswagen has purchased ad time on ESPN, ABC, and Univision to talk about the GTI.

Volkswagen of America VP-Marketing Vinay Shahani, said that the World cup audience is the best fit for the VW GTI owners. With the new campaign of “Ready, Set, Golf”, Pete Favat of Duetsch says will be, “going after a much younger, lifestyle-oriented target that wants to get the most out of life.”

How exactly is VW infiltrating the World Cup? The campaign features a Volkswagen’s Golf GTI model, the videos show the car doing celebratory spins in the middle of a soccer field, screaming “GOOOOOOLF,” just like soccer fans scream “GOOOOOAAAAL” when their team scores. The videos are running alongside ESPN.com’s live-streamed matches and on ESPNFC.com and are timed to run a moment after each team scores. The videos will also appear on Univision and on Twitter.

VW Golf World Cup Goooal

“We have a team that’s standing by during all the games and as soon as a goal is scored, they’re pumping them out,” says Pete Favat, chief creative officer at Deustch LA.

Leslie Hall of Iced Media said about the campaign, “Overall it’s brave for VW to enter the World Cup arena without being an official sponsor. And the campaign is likely to garner buzz amid core soccer fans and if the sharing functionality is seamless it will prove a share-worthy asset for each scoring team’s fans to reinforce their bragging rights.”VW Golf World Cup GOOOOAAL

To read more about the campaign:



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