The Bee Gees Drove a Kombi

Since the beginning of celebrity time, we have wanted to believe they are “just like us.”  Grocery shopping, getting a hair cut, driving around town by themselves. This interest has spawned all kinds of reality shows, magazines, talk shows, and blogs.

Good news, they love Volkswagen’s too!!

This amazing picture of the Bee Gees (Robin, Maurice, and Barry) surfaced on Pinterest. After doing some research, it appears that the Bee Gees drove their VW Bus around Austrailia quite often. An account by a Mr. Doug Henson on the Brothers Gibb website: “About a quarter of a mile down the road outside of the airport proper this VW bus/van pulled up to the side of the road in front of me. As I walked by I realized who was in the VW bus because they were switching drivers. Barry, being the oldest was legally the only driver. But they had pulled over to switch drivers. Back then I never could keep straight in my mind which was Robin or Maurice, both wouldn’t of even been old enough yet to have a learners permit to drive, so I’m not sure which of them it was that took over driving. In later years, I also drove illegally in Australia on multiple occasions. But I did realize there were more than just the 3 guys in the van. There was a young boy which obviously was Andy who would’ve been about 8 then.”

Bee Gees VW Bus

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