Volkswagen in the Movies: Cars 2

Volkswagen has been a part of movie and television culture as long as it has existed; as a prop, a character, and a way to get around.

This Volkswagen in the movies is brought to you by Cars and Cars 2. Great news is the Disney Pixar Cars series has 2 Volkswagen’s as part of their cast. Fillmore is a 1960 Volkswagen bus voiced by both George Carlin and Lloyd Sherrwith psychedelic symbols and liberal/environmental bumper stickers on his body, he is Radiator Springs‘ resident hippie. A believer in individuality and all things natural, he brews his own organic fuel and preaches its many benefits. In Cars 2 he learns that the World Grand Prix will be run exclusively on the alternative fuel Allinol, Fillmore closes up shop and signs on as the fuel expert for Team Lightning McQueen.

Fillmore Disney Cars Screen Shots VW Bus 1960

Finn McMissile is a master British spy as well as resembling a 1970’s Volkswagen Karmann Ghia voiced by Michael Caine. Though charming and eloquent, it’s his stealth maneuvering, intelligence and years in the field that enable him to thwart unexpected attacks from bad guys, making quick daredevil escapes.

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