90’s Volkswagen Commercial Music

Throwback Thursday takes you to Volkswagen’s ad campains in the late 90’s. Several songs were used to help advertise for VW.

Volkswagen used Trio’s “Da Da Da” Two guys driving around town in a VW Golf, and they see this chair sitting on the sidewalk. They put the chair in the car and drive away. They smell something funny and they realize it’s the chair. They leave the chair off on the sidewalk and drive off. (1997)

Volkswagen Golf used Styx’s “Mister Roboto” A guy is singing/lip syncing and gesturing to a song in a VW Beetle (we cannot hear because the windows and doors are all shut) When the car’s owners buddy gets in the car, we hear “Mr. Roboto” and the driver joins his buddy in the lip syncing. (1999)

Volkswagen using Velocity Girl’s “Sorry Again” During VW’s late 90s ad campaign “On the road of life, there are followers…and drivers” or something of that nature, they used several songs from lesser known groups. This was one. Only the first few seconds was used at the end of the commercial.

Volkswagen Cabrio used Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”
It was an incredible 1999 commercial that used a beautiful song with shots of teenagers driving in the dark on a mountain. The song is perfectly intertwined with the video. And Nick Drake, who committed suicide in either late 60’s, early 70’s, has been made famous for the 1st time, (his brilliant music went unappreciated in his day), all due to this commercial.

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