2016 VW Final Eos

We didn’t think this was going to happen but it is! Volkswagen is releasing a limited number of produced 2016 VW Eos models. The VW Eos was going to be discontinued as of 2015 and a final edition was released at the time. Volkswagen is keeping the Eos in production for a 2016 Komfort edition.

For a terrific overview check out Marty Padgett from The Car Connection,

“There’s way more charm to be found once you’re in the driver’s seat. Every Eos sports a 200-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder (2.0T), paired with a dual-clutch gearbox (DSG). The DSG changes gears smoothly yet very quickly, doubling down on the engine’s robust torque curve and bringing out a zippy, responsive feel. Handling is light and responsive, and overall this is a fun-to-drive small coupe.

2016 vw eos final

“The Eos does have a couple of especially important features that aren’t included in most convertibles. A pop-up head protection system in the Eos, which automatically deploys when the car senses a rollover is imminent, is a standout in this more cost-conscious end of the convertible market—employing a host of sensors to deploy just before it’s needed, when a rollover is anticipated. There’s also an optional Park Distance Control and a Technology Package that includes upgrades to the lighting system–including an adaptive, swiveling function for the headlights.”

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