VW Diesel Emission Settlement UPDATE 10.18.2016

Update: 10/18/16


After a 3 hour hearing this morning in California, U.S. Judge Breyer said he’ll decide whether to approve VW’s $15 billion settlement by Oct. 25. Breyer says the court is “strongly inclined to approve” the VW settlement, but wants to consider views stated in objections.


Update: 6/16/16

**The date has been moved from June 21st to June 28th for Volkswagen to have their paperwork in to the Federal courts on a solution. The new deadline only extends out a week.

Thursday April 21st, 2016 was the deadline for Volkswagen to meet with the U.S. Regulators and Judge Charles R. Breyer of the United States District Court in San Francisco to decide on a solution for the Emissions situation. The federal judge said Volkswagen had reached an agreement in principle with the federal government as well as lawyers for vehicle owners. But details remain to be negotiated, including the size of fines. Breyer issued a gag order and scolded parties for leaking previous details to the media, which included reports of $5,000 in compensation for some VW car owners.

Let’s recap a little. In Septemeber 2015 it came to light that some employees at the Volkswagen plant in Germany had tampered with emissions software making it so TDI models were made to look like they were passing emissions tests, when in fact they were emitting more emissions than testing. Fast forward to today, there’s been resignation of the President of Volkswagen, numerous civil suits, and slight compensation already… Volkswagen met with the California court yesterday and today to announce that there may be a solution on the horizon. A very WIDE horizon. The preliminary “agreement in principle,” Volkswagen will give owners of affected TDI vehicles the option to sell it back to VW, or to have the vehicle modified to meet emissions standards as well as possible financial compensation.

The deadlines that are set for Volkswagen by the judge are as follows, Final paperwork on the settlement will be filed on or before June 21st, 2016. At that time, the court will hold a preliminary hearing on July 26th. These filings will be available for review by the public before they are acted upon by the court. This means there is still a waiting period for diesel owners to find out what kind of compensation will be available or what type of fix will be available.

Volkswagen is recalling the cars in Europe to reprogram the engine software, and in some cases to install a plastic part that is supposed to help lower emissions. But it has balked at offering European owners money.

Regarding whether or not “Almost all of them I know personally don’t want to do anything to their car,” Kelley Blue Book analyst Karl Brauer said. “They don’t want to get rid of it because they like it and they don’t want to get it fixed because they like how it drives.

There are plenty of conflicting stories that are out there at the moment. One be patient with your dealerships, they are working through this as the same pace that consumers are. Two, take it all with a grain of salt. Until Volkswagen releases something from the headquarters, it is all just news stories for now.

This statement was released by Volkswagen on April 21st,

Apr 21, 2016

Volkswagen is committed to earning back the trust of its customers, dealers, regulators and the American public.  These agreements in principle are an important step on the road to making things right.  As noted today in court, customers in the United States do not need to take any action at this time.






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