FTC releases estimated Volkswagen Emissions pay out numbers

The FTC has laid out a simple timeline and informational page about the Volkswagen Emissions settlement.  This includes an estimated amount for the buybacks and cash offer.

TDI emissions timelinevw-how-it-works-blogvw-cars

How much will I receive for a buyback of my car?

The amount you will receive for a buyback will depend on the particular model, year, body style, mileage, where you live, and certain options, like a power sunroof or navigation system. You will be compensated based on the value of the car at the time Volkswagen’s deception became public, as well as for the costs associated with purchasing a new car and Volkswagen’s deception.

Right now, you can use these charts to estimate how much you will receive:

These factors also affect compensation:

These numbers are estimates. At the end of July the information that is currently opened for public opinion will be closed and then VW and the goverment will proceed from there.  To read more information and get an FAQ from the FTC click HERE and it is highly suggested taking time to read the public comments and FTC responses at the bottom of the article.

We will keep you up to date as we get information from Volkswagen.

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