Saying goodbye to the Volkswagen Touareg

It is true. The Volkswagen Touareg has been discontinued for 2018 production.

2015 touareg large

The Touareg made it’s debut in 2004 and has been Volkswagen’s luxury SUV through the years. Offering style, luxury, and utility the Volkswagen Touareg’s disappearance from the VW line-up will be replaced by the 2018 VW Atlas and the updated 2018 VW Tiguan.

2018 Tiguan is longer and offers 57 percent more cargo space than before. Built specifically for North America, the large Atlas tops the SUV range and will also help fill the void.

The VW Touareg’s departure from the U.S. market happens as Volkswagen begins a major overhaul to their lineup. In addition to a host of electric vehicles, Volkswagen wants to expand its global SUV lineup to 19 models by 2020. Who knows, maybe we will see the Touareg make an appearance again in the future. Volkswagen is known to bring models back!

Check local dealerships for used availability.

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