The all-new Jetta has been completely overhauled, inside and out. Its new wheelbase and exterior length are significantly bigger than its predecessor – resulting in superior performance, more space and greater comfort. At 182.7-inches long, 57.1 inches tall and 70.1 inches wide, it is more than 3.5 inches longer than its predecessors. The interplay of exterior dimensions leads to a powerful balance of proportions. In parallel, the new Volkswagen “design DNA” sharpens the car’s styling. This has resulted in clear, precise lines and athletically muscular surfaces, which lend a timeless elegance and dynamic styling to the sedan. The VW Jetta with it’s new appearance and performance has become a Top Safety Pick for 2012!

On the front end of the car, the prominence of horizontal lines defines the design. The high–gloss black radiator grille combines with the car’s trapezoidal headlights to form a styling unit. Under this is the fully painted bumper, which is designed as cleanly as a sculpted surface. Below that, another cooling air intake and the tray-shaped front spoiler gives the car a sporty finish. The upper front end section shows a powerful transition from the v-shaped engine hood to the fenders on the sides; the shoulder section realized here is derived from the NCC concept car, and provides dynamic and muscular styling.

The styling characteristics in the side profile of the Jetta meld into yet another interpretation of the “design DNA” conceptualized by Walter de Silva, the Italian Head of Design for the Volkswagen Group, and the German Head of Design for the Volkswagen Brand, Klaus Bischoff. A great example of the unique styling characteristics is found in the shoulder or “tornado” line and the powerfully emphasized arches of the wheel wells.

With integrated turn signal indicators, the styling of the outside mirrors emulates the larger CC. Compared with the previous model, the all-new Jetta has grown in clarity and pre-eminence in its side profile. Harmonized surfaces and sporty shoulders dominate the rear section. Powerful in illumination and visually distinctive, the taillights are split into two sections, extending on either side from the fender into the tailgate.

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Features and Benefits
Here are the features and benefits of the all new Volkswagen Jetta

Power windows with one-touch up/down feature
One-touch up/down automatic window control is definitely one of those small luxuries that you’re guaranteed to love. Especially when it comes standard on all four windows. Just one touch lowers the window to let in the breeze. Or allow you to get the ticket at the parking garage. Or enjoy your food at the drive-through. Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

Exterior signal mirrors
In any relationship, communication is key. And the road is full of relationships between you and other drivers. Using the available built-in turn signals on your side mirrors alerts everyone to your intended next move, which can help prevent collisions.

Laser seam welding
Laser seam welding. Sure, it sounds cool. But what does it mean? Well, it’s kind of like the difference between a jacket with buttons and one with a zipper. The buttons keep the jacket on, but they still leave spaces in between. Whereas a zipper seals the deal, leaves no spaces, and therefore creates a much stronger bond. When it comes to increased control, stability, and safety in virtually every situation, thanks to laser seam welding, we’ve got the situation all zipped up.

Keyless access with push-button start
The days of locking your keys in the car are over thanks to the available keyless access with push-button start feature. With your keys in your pocket or purse, your door will automatically unlock as you touch the door handle. Then, once you’re inside, a simple press of the start button turns on the ignition so you can drive off on your next adventure.

15.5 cubic feet of trunk space
The massive amount of trunk space in the Jetta practically dares you to buy in bulk. It has a whopping 15.5 cubic feet of room—the most trunk space in its class. And on the rare occasion you need more space, just fold down the 60/40-split folding rear seats. Golf bags, strollers, moving boxes, we’ve got you covered.

Over 3 feet of rear legroom
Long legs, rejoice. The Jetta has more than three feet of rear leg room. Which is not only more than all the competition, it’s more than many larger sedans as well. That means almost no matter how tall you and your friends might be, you’ll all fit comfortably in both the front and the back seats. What this will do to the popularity of the front passenger seat we’re not sure. But shotgun has had its reign for long enough. It’s time the back seats finally got some love.

RNS 315 touchscreen navigation

The optional RNS 315 puts a 5-inch color touchscreen stereo and navigation system right at your fingertips. Not only does it come with a 3-month trial subscription to Sirius® Satellite Radio,³ but it’s also great at playing music you own. Whether it’s on your MP3 player or a CD, your favorites are just a click away. You can even get an MDI with iPod®⁴ cable that lets you easily navigate your playlists, albums, and songs all through the intuitive touchscreen interface. Because sometimes enjoying the ride is just as important as reaching your destination.

Multi-function steering wheel
Go ahead, grip the multifunction steering wheel. Marvel at its soft leather wrapping and functional design. Doesn’t that feel nice? This available steering wheel comes with integrated controls for easy access to the entertainment and Bluetooth® systems. It’s your connection to the road, your car, and so much more.

Premium VIII touchscreen sound system
On the optional touchscreen sound system, you’ve got an in-dash six-CD changer, an AM/FM radio, an SD card reader, six premium speakers, and a 3-month trial to Sirius® Satellite Radio.² Did we mention that the CD changer can also play MP3 and WMA CDs with hundreds of songs on one disc? Plus, all of that music, entertainment, and more can be easily navigated using the intuitive touchscreen interface sitting right in the dash of your Jetta.

2.5L in-line 5-cylinder engine
When you get a Jetta, you’ll be seeing a lot fewer gas stations and a lot more road. It comes with the option of a 170 hp, in-line five-cylinder engine with 177 lbs/ft torque and impressive fuel efficiency rated at 24 city/34 highway mpg. That means you can drive up to 460 miles before your next fill-up. Not to mention the initial savings you’ll get because the 2011 Jetta starts at $15,995.

6-speed automatic with Tiptronic®
To add a little sport to your Jetta, we thought you’d appreciate the option of a six-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic®. That means you can push the gearshift into Tiptronic mode and enjoy the control as you shift gears yourself. Or you can kick it into Sport mode and enjoy enhanced acceleration at the simple push of the gas pedal. Whichever way you decide to drive, the Dynamic Shift Program (DSP) will read the road and factor in the hills, curves, and conditions, and then adapt accordingly to give you increased performance and gas mileage. There’s nothing like having a little power to go with your performance.

17-inch alloy wheels
The Jetta comes with the option of 17-inch alloy wheels with all-season tires. Just in case you want to drive off into the sunset, rain or shine. Their bold design adds a little more sport to your ride, and at 17 inches of aluminum alloy, they’re impossible to ignore.

ABS with Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA)
ABS actually serves two purposes when it comes to safety. Not only does it help keep the brakes from locking up during sudden stops, but it also helps you retain control over the steering in the event of a potential collision. So you can still maneuver the car as you attempt to avoid whatever is in your way. Hydraulic Brake Assist, or HBA, works with ABS to help ensure that you get the maximum braking power from the brake system even if you don’t press the brakes completely. How? It judges the suddenness of the braking, and applies extra braking pressure when you need it most.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
You have enough to think about without having to remember to check your tires. So we added the TPMS to monitor tire pressure and inform you of any loss in pressure right when it occurs. It may sound simple, but it can help you avoid an accident due to a flat tire or a slow leak.

Intelligent Crash Response System
After the airbags have been deployed in a collision, the Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS) automatically unlocks all doors, turns off power to the fuel pump, and turns on the hazard lights.¹ That’s why we call it intelligent. Because it’s looking out for you when you need it most.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
You know when you have to swerve around something unexpectedly? Well, ESC helps prevent oversteering or understeering during an evasive maneuver by applying corrective forces to each of the wheels. And that helps you intuitively engage in proper counter-steering, thereby working with your VW to correct the problem. As for the thing that made you swerve, here’s to that happening only once in a blue moon.

Crash-optimized front end
Integrated right into the front structure of your Jetta are impact-absorbing elements that allow for compression during a collision. That means the energy from the impact is absorbed by the car, which helps minimize the amount of energy that reaches you.

Bluetooth Communication
Talk without taking your hands off the wheel… or your eyes off the road.

Bluetooth® connectivity on the Jetta helps you make, answer, and end calls from behind the wheel.

Without Bluetooth, talking on your phone can be a dangerous distraction. Hands-free technology helps make driving safer for you and everyone else on the road.

Just sync a compatible phone with built-in Bluetooth capabilities and start using use either voice controls or buttons on your steering wheel to control calls. After initial pairing, your phone should automatically connect when you start the engine.

Multiple mobile devices? Sync as many as four phones with your car.

Standard on: SE with Convenience & Sunroof, SEL, TDI® Clean Diesel

Steering Wheel Controls
Change lanes and songs from the same place.

Especially on longer drives, it’s tempting to multi-task. Whether you’re making or accepting a phone call or changing the song, you shouldn’t take your attention away from the road.

With controls built right into the steering wheel, the Jetta will let you interact with your phone and music more quickly and safely. You can even manage the multi-function display on the dashboard. Look at the compass so you know you’re going the right way and check out fuel consumption.

Bring along your own soundtrack for the road.

Control your favorite playlists right from your touchscreen or steering wheel controls.

Besides a standard auxiliary cord, you can also connect your iPhone® or iPod® to the Media Device Interface (MDI) with the MDI for iPod cable. It offers almost seamless access to your mobile music collection through the in-dash touchscreen.

The CD player will also play discs with MP3, WMA, and AAC files and playlists. Or play music directly from an SD card.

Keep all your music right in front of you; use steering wheel controls to play, pause, and skip songs.

Standard on: Jetta SE with Convenience, SE with Convenience & Sunroof, SEL, TDI® Clean Diesel

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